Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Would Like To Thank The Academy

So I was pleasantly surprised the other day when one of the Bloggers from Bloggers Against Social Injustice and Tales Of A Shopaholic, that I had been nominated for The Most Versatile Blogger's Award.

The Versatile Blogger Award is usually given by your fellow blogger (the one who nominated you) and  one of reasons for being nominated is that they love your blog. I am super excited and encouraged that I was nominated! So thank you!

Here are the rules for the Award though.

  1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post
  2. Share 7 Things about yourself
  3. Pass this award along to 15 blogs you enjoy reading
  4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award =)

7 Facts About Me: 
  1. I have lived in Africa.
  2. I speak fluent Greek, but can't read or write it.
  3. I have had accounts set up for my wedding by my grandparents as soon as they found out my mom was having a girl.
  4. When I was little I didn't wear slippers in the morning, I wore tap shoes because of the sound they make when you walk. I still love that sound when I walk in my heals.
  5. I hate to work out just about as much as I hate the Texas heat.
  6. I did not own a Bible until October of 2011.
  7. I pick out my outfit in the morning and it takes about 30-45 seconds or less.
My 15 nominations are:

1) The Shine Project This girl is amazing. Her blog is so inspirational. She's so open and I had the honor of helping her with PR for one of her events and getting to meet here in Dallas!

2)  Someone Like You Lauren's blog is one of the few blogs (I have about 3-5) that I check daily. I love all her whimsical outfit post. I respect her so much for holding strong on her convictions. We had e-mailed back and forth about doing a guest post and she said she didn't do that because she didn't want other bloggers to feel insecure and why they weren't chosen. I just loved that. I was out thrifting yesterday and found 2 dresses I know she would have loved! We hope to meet one day soon!

3) Good Girl Style I love Natalie's fresh take on modesty. She was even lucky enough to be featured in a magazine. Her blog is pretty eclectic and is just fun.

4) His Little Lady This is one of my fav blogs. Taylor has a great outlook on life and captures it beautifully through her blog. She's one of the few bloggers that I will take time to actually read the entire post. I love how she reached out and commented my little blog and still does even though she has such a big following. 

5) Urban Nester Molly! Don't you just love that name. She has such variety on her blog. Her and her hubby are super adorable. She has the best smile and really does great at sharing all the little moments in her life. I def have got to try that granola recipie. I am a sucker for anything coconut. She has such great style and really does well at mixing prints most normally wouldn't but she always pulls it off!

6) Yes, Teacher Crafts I got to meet Sarah whenever we did the Shine Event together in Dallas. We were sitting on the ground outside of Casey's art studio and got to talking. She was pregnant then and now her little bundle of joy is here in the world. Her blog is filled with her musings as a mommy now but I love how she hasn't made the blog about that, she has still stuck to her roots and her readers and share's a lot of creative ideas and crafts! She's super sweet too!

7) Lily Among Thorns A faith building blog for her. She has GREAT posts on faith, scripture, topics that are filled with great insight and learning lessons. She also shares about her life and is just a sweet girl. I love her blog title as well.

8) The Daybook We all know The Daybook... Doesn't Sydney have a way with words... She really inspires me that my blog, even though small now, that with practic, consistency, and learning a few great tricks on photoshop, I can have a quality blog that I can share anything I want. I am not a cryer yall, and I was bawling... kinda, when I read her post on the birth of her little boy. The pictures that were captured I hope, if I am lucky enough to have children, I have captured on the day I give birth. That is my all time favorite post of all posts on the blog world. Sydney is so quirky, blogs about what she wants, and people love her for it. Keep it up Syd!

9) In Honor Of Design Graphic Designer, a girl who loves fashion, and who has the cutest little family! Not to mention great DIY's. She has such a visually appealing and professional blog as well but isn't too serious, which I love. She has such effortless and classic style as well as blog.

10) The Wiegands The lovely Casey is an absolute sweetheart. I have been keeping up with her blog for about a year now and let me tell you, she has by far the most beautiful children I have ever seen. Like genetic jackpot. She is such a humble and free spirit. When I met her at the Shine Event she was just so giving. She's so open about all aspects of her life and I have learned a lot from reading her posts. I pray for her and her family and wish them nothing but the best. 

11) Silver Trumpets My lovely sister in Christ! This blogger is such a good friend and also goes to my church. When I tell you everyone needs an someone like her in their life I mean it.. But I don't think she can ever be duplicated. Her blogs are just so rich in fruit and goodness. She is one of the strongest women...scratch that, person in the faith that I know and her relationship with God... amazing. Her blog is just filled with amazing ideas on how to better your walk with Him. Check it out!

12) Beyoutiful Hope Christine! So I haven't told her this yet but she totally looks like gymnast Aly Raisman. Anyways, Christine has got to be the most outwardly focused girl I know. She is constantly looking for ways to help others, to raise money, to do charity, to volunteer. She has really pushed me to work hard at something you really love. Her blog is super eclectic and versatile! I love that we pray for each other and that she is so passionate about our new Bloggers Against Social Injustice network.

13) Our Dearest Family Recipes, DIY, Great Style, Great Pics... What more do you want! Out of all the bloggers, her blog reminds me the most of mine. She's just super relatable. She also has GREAT tutorials! Check her out!

14) Dearest Lou She is just the cutest! Cutest style! And she's preggers! You just have to see what I mean... click the link.

15) Lily White Man... if you want to be encouraged, go to her blog. She has great posts, Vlogs, poems about our amazing father in Heaven, and beautiful pictures captured to show us His beauty! 


  1. Aww, thanks for nominating me! I also can't wait to check out some of the other blogs you listed. Fun! <3 Natalie @ Good Girl Style

  2. P.S> I forgot to say that #4 on your list made me giggle! Cute! I also love the conspicuous "click" of heels!

  3. Aww, I know this is late but I just noticed you nominated me! Thank you! You're so sweet! <3