Tuesday, August 7, 2012

And That's All My iPhone Has To Say...

So here's a little visual representation of my life the past week...

Happy Meals for Nappy Days...

Yes.. I did it. I bought a Hello Kitty Ice Cream Maker.
The only game I win at...

Best friend came for an unexpected visit (will explain later). 

We went to Le Peep for brunch.

She got French Toast.

I got some healthy thing... Apparently. 

Distressed over so much tulle...

Who doesn't want a lamp that looks like a wedding veil. 

Still debating whether to buy this.

Everyone and their mom has this chandelier. I think?


Got the best mani pedi. Well at least Steph did. Mine was messed up :/ but it was much needed relaxing after a whole day of shopping for the apartment. 

We went to Rafain for dinner.

Stephanie and her desserts. It was her birthday weekend.

Make a wish!

At house church... So tired.

A story I will never forget. God does big things my friends.

So as all of you know I'm obsessing over lavender. Here is my lavender ice cream in motion.

Will post recipe for macaroons and ice cream later. 

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  1. Every picture on your blog is like a chocolate sundae for my eyes:)