Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Last First Day

Busy Bee... Busy Bee... Busy Bee is all I can say for the past few days.

Let me Spark Note my life for you real quick.

1) Apartment is almost all decorated and organized
2) After months of agony and trying, I finally got into the online class I needed to take to keep my job
3) I'm currently scouting out places near by to take outfit posts...finally.
4) The BIG announcement will be announced on Monday... and YES it involves you all!
5) I think the city I live in is way over populated because it's taking me double the time to get to places, hence why I've been either on time or a few minutes late this week to things. Which is discouraging because I wanted to be 10 minutes early.
6) And last but not least, today is my LAST, FIRST DAY of School!!!! What an amazing feeling.

So during this summer I have done a lot of praying about Social Media. I know in our generation it has become the norm to spend so much time on social media. I think there are amazing ways to glorify God on social media sites, but a lot of times we get so busy "being Christian online" that we don't go and live the life God intended for us to live and step out on faith. God's vision was never for us to stare at computer screens all day. We are called to make Disciples, to serve, to love, and give. 

I have tried numerous things to become more disciplined about using Facebook (I'm lucky that I haven't gotten addicted to Pinterest). I have made time limits, only would go on it after I had my time with God, would try and only go on twice a week, etc. and despite everything I either couldn't monitor myself well enough or I still was spending more time on Facebook than I was in my Bible or just living this awesome life God wants me to live. I don't want anything to be an idol, even if I don't intend for it to be. 

After prayer and advice I have decided to fast from Facebook for an entire school year, until May. Yes, that's right, an entire year. But guys, I can't tell you how EXCITED I am to do this. I feel like there are so many things I want to do in life and I just let life pass me by a lot by how much I use technology, and especially Facebook.

I am thankful that Blogging has been such a great outlet and so fruitful. This blog will not only stay, but I know it's going to thrive because of this fast. I will have more time to put into my blog, my studies, my relationships, and most importantly my faith. So be expecting GREAT things this next year.

I will still be on Instagram so be sure to follow me there. I hardly use or spend time using that app unless I just upload a picture. I don't have twitter. Hardly ever get on Youtube, and Pinterest surprisingly has no "addiction" effect on me. So Amen.

Please keep me in your prayers that I will stay strong and committed. My roommate is changing my password, and if, for some reason, I MUST go on Facebook to respond or update our ministries website or my work website, my roommate will be the one to do it for me or will watch over me while I do what I need to do and get off. No checking notifications. I changed my settings where I wont even get notified in my email from anything from Facebook.

My fast officially starts Monday. Since I wont be on Facebook, be sure to remember to read the posts, since I won't be putting links up.


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  1. Ah! fasting from Facebook = bomb! so excited for you! I deleted my fb so many times this year :p