Monday, September 17, 2012

Macaroon's On A Monday

Let's get real... Who doesn't love Macaroons any day of the week. Remember back to THIS post when I told you about the woman who I baked these for and I promised you all the recipe?

Well I'm a woman of my word (sometimes late in my word)... but a woman of my word none the least and here is the wonderful recipe I used to make these Macaroons that are literally an I. Die. moment when you eat them.

The only thing different in this recipe than the other, is that I used Wilton food gel for the batter and the butter cream. 

I only used 1-2 drops, because I wanted there to only be a hint of purple since they are lavender. 

You can find Lavender Buds at a local food market that sells natural/organic/local items. 

The decorative boxes were from Martha Stewart's line of gift wrap

Happy Monday to all of you lovelies.


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